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Are you serious? Shut. Up. YES!

May 7, 2019

Emily had thought several times over the last year that Peter was going to propose. Each time she was wrong, but Peter was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to catch Emily off-guard. That perfect moment came on January 5th. Emily parents were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary so the family planned an anniversary party for them...so Emily thought. Prior to the "anniversary party" Pete and Emily ventured to Galway Bay in Downtown Annapolis for a late lunch and drinks. From there Pete suggested they could walk to the anniversary party at Dock Street. Pete and his future sister-in-law had contacted me several weeks prior and we arranged exactly where Pete would propose and the path they would take to get to that spot. It was raining most of the afternoon but right as Pete and Emily approached our planned location, the sun had burst through the clouds and created the most dreamy and magical light. The entire moment could not have been more perfect. Emily was shocked to her core and to be honest, I also started crying right along with her. Emily's pure happiness was absolutely contagious. Emily, after many "Are you serious? Shut up!" explanations, absolutely and very enthusiastically said YES, YES, YES!


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