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Naval Academy Engagement

December 4, 2018

Megan and Dan’s US Naval Academy engagement photos felt like a spring day in January!  They traveled all the way from Virginia to come back to Dan’s alma mater.  They have an ADORABLE “meet-cute” that I just have to share.  When can you brag that your Dad played cupid in your love story?!


Carly Fuller Photography



Although Megan and Dan only grew up 20 miles apart, they didn’t meet each other until Spring of 2015. Dan was home for a long weekend during flight school to run a trail race with his dad, Ross. Ross had been telling him about a nurse at work and how she was soooo sweet, soooo beautiful and soooo athletic. As luck would have it (or more than likely planned by Ross), Megan was running the same trail race that weekend, and an introduction was made before the race started.




Fast forwarding to Christmas of 2015, Dan was home again and Ross had gotten Megan’s number from one of her co-workers. This persistent, fatherly match-making from Ross was certainly a first, but Dan remembered Meg from the previous Spring and gave her a call.


One coffee date turned into two, and toward the end of Dan’s time at home, they discussed his upcoming move to Virginia and the difficulties of long-distance relationships. They agreed to maintain contact and stay friends, and stayed in touch over the following year.


December of 2016, nearly two years after first meeting each other, Dan and Meg finally decided that long distance or not, they were ready to start dating and didn’t want to miss out on the amazing counter-part that they had found in each other. Seven months and several trips to Norfolk later, Meg found a perfect nursing job in Norfolk and moved across the country to join Dan on the East coast!

December 26th, 2017 (are you seeing a trend yet??), on the one year anniversary of their relationship, Dan proposed to Meg and she said yes!








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