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Romantic & Rainy Annapolis Engagement

August 14, 2018

From the photographer: It’s not every couple that will brave rainy weather with a smile, but man, Ashley & Mike did not disappoint! From my very first phone call with Ashley, I completely fell in love with the way she described their love story and her vision for their wedding day. I wish I recorded it because I basically could just copy her words and paste that into my mission statement! Fast forward to a rainy Saturday in Annapolis, and I could not be more smitten with this couple. Ashley and Mike are fun to be around and just have this easy way of interacting with each other. It’s like they naturally gravitate towards the other person as if being pulled together by a force of nature. Ashley told me that she fell in love with Mike during a rainstorm, where he offered her the protection of an umbrella while he got soaked in his dress shirt and slacks. I love that we got to capture this little piece of their love story in such a memorable way!


Kait Bailey Photography

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