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5 Ways You Can Have The Lowest Stress Wedding Day Ever

April 27, 2018

Joy Michelle Photography is here to give us tips on how to have a low stress wedding!


Ah weddings. They have the potential to be the best day ever. Your closest friends and family gathering to celebrate your love and promise of forever…what could go wrong? Well, they can be a little stressful too. I get it - there are expectations, countless details, and timelines swirling around your head when all you really want is to be stress-free and enjoy the day. I’m here to tell you weddings don’t have to be so stressful. These are my top 5 suggestions for having the lowest stress wedding day ever. 

Have a first look

Deciding to do a first look can open you up to a less constricted timeline. You can get your portraits done and out of the way before the ceremony even begins so you can mingle and dance the night away after.  Another reason I love first looks is that they alleviate so much of that wedding day anxiety. I have literally seen the stress roll off my bride’s shoulders when she sees the love of her life at the first look. Not only will it calm those wedding jitters, but it’s an opportunity to take a quiet moment together on an otherwise busy day.  

Have no bridal party or a small bridal party 

Your bridal party will impact the day more than you might think. Bigger bridal parties mean longer getting ready time, more coordination overall, and maybe even special transportation throughout the day. Forgoing the usual 6-12 member party will cut down on the stress and chaos while also allowing the day to be less about logistics and more about promising forever and having a fun party. 

 Have your whole day take place in 1 Location 

Getting ready in one place, having the ceremony in another, and then reception somewhere else is a lot of running around. Not only is this time consuming and not super fun for guests, but you run into things like having to arrange parking or transportation, and even having to account for the “what ifs” of traffic.  When the whole day takes place in one location it helps everyone feel more relaxed and present.

Don’t be concerned with the “shoulds” of a wedding  

If you want to have dessert before your ceremony just ‘cuz – do it. If you think leaving your reception by boat sounds cool – do it. Basically, let your day be whatever you and your future spouse want it to be, and less about how it “should” be. In the end, this day is a celebration of your love so it should be as low stress as possible! 

 Get a planner

Before I worked in the wedding industry, I really thought this one was unnecessary. I mean how hard could this all be? Well, not hiring a planner is top of my list for things I would change about my own wedding. Having a planner for your wedding day makes someone else responsible for the little things that can and will go wrong or need addressing on your wedding day. That means you’ll be smiling and unaware while the problems get worked out by someone who knows their stuff. Planners are also great for the time leading up to the day, but when it comes to being stress-free on the day itself they are a must. 


Doing every single one of these things might not be possible for your wedding day, but implementing just one or two can make a huge difference in how you feel. 


Do you have more tips? I’d love to hear them!

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