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4 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Most weddings follow the same basic traditions, but there are many innovative ways to tell your story and make your wedding stand out in the crowd. A special venue, memorable food, unforgettable entertainment, and personalized décor will make your guests feel welcome and relaxed. For those of you seeking inspiration on how to incorporate your personal touch into your big day, here are some fun ideas to customize your wedding:



Start by choosing a location that reflects your personal style – perhaps it’s an old oyster-packing plant on the Chesapeake, a garden, a museum, or on a boat. Give your guests a unique experience that they might not be able to have outside of Annapolis.

Joy Michelle Photography


Make a fun goodie bag for guests staying in hotels so they can experience local flavors. A cookie in the shape of Maryland, Baltimore’s famous Berger cookies, or Utz’s Crab Chips are yummy ways to say thank you for attending!


Mike B. Photography


Signature cocktails are a favorite. Whether it’s the groom’s love for Woodford Reserve or the bride’s fondness for a fruity sangria, think outside the glass and come up with a clever name for your drink of choice!


Mike B. Photography


Put a spin on the traditional tented escort card and let guests have a little fun finding their seats! Pull out the board game pieces, oysters, or miniature liquor bottles and personalize your escort cards.​


Manda Weaver Photography

We can’t wait to see what creative ideas you have for your big day!


Paige Skrickus

Venue Manager

Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park



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