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3 Tips To Help Prepare Your Groom For The Wedding Day!

January 26, 2018

We know there are a lot of tips & tricks out there to help prepare a bride for her wedding day, but what about the groom?! He needs a little guidance too! We think these tips will help all those soon to be grooms out there prepare to for their wedding day as well! These tips are meant to help him avoid stressful situations with other groomsmen, wedding vendors, and even his bride-to-be! And also of course.. help him have some fun and enjoy the day, too! We hope you find them helpful and don't forget to pass them along to any engaged guys you know out there!

1) Tell your groomsmen beforehand, when he need to be at the venue, and what he needs to bring! That way you can do whatever you want before the wedding and everyone knows where they need to be and at what time. You bride and your photographer will appreciate this so much!


2) Think of a goofy pose to do while getting your portraits done to get all of your guys laughing and having a good time. Props are fun too! Sunglasses.. yes please for a couple of shots! This will make your portrait time fun, candid, and fast! You can do that fun pose to break the ice and then you just have to take a couple of formal shots and it’s over with! We get that guys don’t usually like to get their picture taken and feel uncomfortable so this will make the process a lot easier :)


3) Don't drink too much the morning of your wedding! Listen.. I get it.. you might need a shot or two to take the nerves away and that's fine! But that's it. It will be really stressful trying to get a group of drunk guys to cooperate with a tight schedule and get pictures done in time! It will make you feel frazzled and frustrated on your own wedding day. Once the ceremony and pictures are over with.. that's the time to party! Live it up then, not before the wedding :) Nobody wants droopy eyes and funny smiles for pictures! :D

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