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4 Tips For Including Your Dog In Engagement Photos

December 8, 2017



Lindsay from 1783 Photography is sharing her tips on including your pup in your engagement photos: "Having your dog in your engagement photos is exciting and the result is so cute! However, there are things you should do beforehand to get the most out of your session. This time is about you and your fiancé and while you love your fur baby, you want to make sure that you'll still be able to spend time with your photographer working on the portraits between the two of you. After all, engagement sessions are like practice for your wedding day so you don't want your pup to be a huge distraction the entire time. I've gathered 4 tips I have learned through the years that I find to be most important for including your dog in engagement photos.







Dogs pick up on emotion and if you're getting frustrated with them, they can tell. Try to stay positive no matter what. You stressing with show in your pictures and you don't want that! Plus it will be harder to get your dog to cooperate if they are stressed out.



You don't want your pup to go to the bathroom with nothing to pick it up with! This is self-explanatory but couples often forget while they're getting themselves ready. Treats are a lifesaver for photographers if your dog doesn't want to look at the camera, or their great to warm up to the photographer if you have a dog who's super shy. A cute leash or a bowtie is something small that can help in a big way. A colorful or leather leash helps compliment your nice clothes versus an old torn up one that's not going to match with your coordinated outfits.



This can be a friend or family member whose sole purpose is to be with your pup. It takes the stress off of you if you have someone there to help. Your dog won't be in every single shot so you'll need somewhere for them to go. I know many dogs will stay put on command or you can tie them up, but you never know what can happen the day of. Someone or something can distract your pup or they could get loose from their leash. Trust me, I've seen it happen. You don't want to have to be worrying about those things while you're trying to listen to your photographer give instruction at the same time.



It might be one of the last things you want to think about while you're trying to get yourself ready, but a tired dog is good dog when it comes to photos! Taking your dog outside and meeting new people (the photographer) is exciting for your pup and they're going to want to play! If they're a little tired by the time of the session, they will sit or lay down a lot easier than they would if they had tons of energy and can't sit still! 


Hopefully these tips will help you if you're planning on bringing your pup to your engagement session! <3"





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