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4 Ways To Celebrate The Everyday During Your Engagement

December 1, 2017

Macy from Enchanting Events & Design is here to help us remember to celebrate the engagement and not just the wedding.



We can all agree that weddings are to celebrate the love between two awesome people. But why wait until the wedding to celebrate? Sure, there will typically be a bridal shower, maybe a bachelorette party, but don’t let these events keep you from the celebration. We truly believe that every moment during an engagement (heck- a relationship in general) should be celebrated. You are only engaged once, remember to cherish those moments. I’m not saying make sure you constantly have events for your wedding, but even when it is just you and your fiancé, make the moments count! Weddings are stressful, even if you have someone else doing most of the planning, there are always things to think about. 



Here are 4 ways to celebrate the everyday during your engagement, with your fiancé:


1- Have a countdown bottle of wine (or a few beers). The most popular gift for us when we got engaged was wine (and beer) and fun way to keep the celebration going is to mark each one with how many months were left until the wedding, and enjoy the celebration on that date. For example, if your wedding is June 17th, set aside a bottle for each month on the 17th. Then when that day arrives, enjoy each others company and relax for a night. A few hours of downtime will be well worth it. You may have to buy a few extra bottles, but again, it will be worth the cost!


2- Write love notes. We mentioned this is our post about what to do when you get engaged, but it's wonderful to take the time to write each other love notes throughout your engagement. It's such a great way to remind your fiancé (and yourself) why you are getting married in the first place. Celebrate your relationship and don't forget about the smaller details.


3- Plan your honeymoon. This may seem like a stress but it should be the opposite. Sit down with each other, talk about what you would like to do, and research some places to go. When I got married this was one of our favorite ways to chill out. We would look at the places we were going to visit and just dream about being there when we were MARRIED!


4- Have your engagement session. We loved planning our engagement session and then snuggling up for a few hours while we had our photos taken. We were able to dress up for a night and really enjoy each others company. Make this night special by really getting ready for it, maybe even having a styled engagement session. If you want more information on a styled engagement shoot, let us know! We LOVE planning these types of evenings to help our couples really have a fun time together and celebrate.



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