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What Your Bridesmaids Need To Know

October 27, 2017


One of the most exciting times during planning my own wedding was asking my bridesmaids to be apart of our wedding. Each gal had a special place in my life and I couldn't wait for my turn to "pop the question". There are endless ways you can ask your best friends to stand beside you on your wedding day (ideas coming soon) but what information should you actually share with them? Hopefully this post will guide you with what your bridesmaids will need to know as the wedding day gets closer. 





You don't always need to know the answer to each of these questions right from the start, in fact it might be nice to even ask what your gals think! It's just a good idea to think about these five things in mind during your planning process, and make sure they are all informed well before the date arrives. 

  1. Dress. This one may seem obvious, but you can never be too specific. With the trend of mis-matched dresses it can be easy to tell each gal to "pick your own mint dress" and then on the wedding day you have someone in Tiffany blue and someone else in almost grey mint. Mismatch is great, but still keep in mind what your overall vision is and let your bridesmaids know what style, color, material and length you have in mind. 

  2. Jewelry. Most brides give their bridal party some piece of jewelry to wear on the wedding day, but what about everything else? If you are gifting them the cutest Kendra Scott necklace, should they have a bracelet or earrings to match? It's a good idea to inform the girls of what style, metal, and pieces you would like them all to have. 

  3. Shoes. This is a big one and will depend on your wedding theme and dress style. Think about what color the shoes should be, should they match, should the style be the same, will there be a heel or no heel? These are all great things to think about when having each bridesmaid pick out their footwear. 

  4. Getting ready. This is another gift that is often given to the bridesmaids, but it is nice to let them know ahead of time if they do or do not need to buy something for themselves. Do they need an entire outfit, should they bring shorts? For example, if you are giving them all pretty lace robes, you might let them know to all bring black leggings.

  5. The Bachelorette & Shower. This is a time when you can step away and let your bridal party and family handle things, you have enough on your plate! But, it's always nice to let your girls know if you have anything in mind, while still trusting them to make it happen.  Do you have any theme ideas for your bachelorette party? Maybe a hashtag you would like to use? Informing them of what you envision is just fine, just don't try and get involved in the planning- you need a break, too! 

Hopefully these five bridal party tips help you stay organized when you comes to your favorite girls walking down the aisle with you. Do you have any additional suggestions? 


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