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Downtown Annapolis Engagement Session For Two USNA Grads

September 7, 2017

From the photographers Susie and Becky:  "I have so much to say about how awesome Julie and Cole are and how perfect their Annapolis engagement session was! Here are some of the things that I loved about Julie and Cole and their shoot but just can’t put into coherent, pretty sentences!


1. The way Cole looks at Julie. There was NOTHING “posed” about the adoration in his face when he looks at or speaks about Julie!

2. The easy, fun way these two relate. We are delivering SO MANY laughing pictures to Julie and Cole!

3. Julie and Cole both graduated from USNA and are currently training in flight school. They have freely chosen military careers, with all the attendant sacrifices. All the respect in the world to them for choosing this way of life and supporting one another in a dual-military career. So. much. respect.

4. Julie’s dimples. They’re gorgeous.

5. The love with which they spoke about their families and how much they can’t wait to celebrate with them.

6. This shoot was so easy-going and relaxed, just like Julie and Cole. They even let me bring my son along to assist.

7. THE OUTFITS! Perfection – a lacy white dress so perfectly reminiscent of a wedding dress for outfit #1 and the world’s cutest red, white, and blue ensemble for outfit #2.

8. I also loved that every single location here had significance, most particularly some of the “ivy wall” shots later are *exactly* where they and their entire families will stay for their wedding weekend!!! The dock shots are actually ON USNA property too 🙂"




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