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The Importance of a Wedding Timeline

August 23, 2017

We are so excited to share the post all about wedding timelines, written by one of our vendors, Throw The Confetti



Ask any wedding planner and they will tell you how much they LOVE a good timeline! Why wouldn’t you want something to ensure that your months of planning & budgeting result in the wedding of your dreams?  However you’d be surprised how many couples don’t think they need one since they are having a more casual, less formal event, but trust us any wedding not matter big, small, casual or black tie can benefit 100% from a Wedding Timeline. 


Timelines provide a roadmap of how the event is going to go from start to finish. Imagine going into your wedding weekend and not needing to worry about what needs to be done next, knowing all those involved can reference your timeline.  Wouldn’t this allow you and all those around you to really enjoy this special time?  A timeline sets everyone’s mind at ease, it ensures your Family, Bridal Party & Vendors are all on the same page and offers a sense of organization to the hustle and bustle of the day.


As much as you will love having a timeline your vendors will appreciate it even more! A wedding is full of so many moving parts...there are usually between 3-12 vendors working together to bring your vision to life.  It’s so important that they each know what the order of events will be for the day so that they know when they have to be ready and what needs to be done when.  Without a timeline, vendors are spending far more time than needed trying to figure out when things should be done & alerting other vendors about important events. Without a timeline you even run the risk of something being forgotten or overlooked.


Now that you know why it is important the question becomes how you do create one?  It can seem like a really overwhelming thing to tackle.  Obviously this is something a wedding planner can help with and one of the main reasons to hire a wedding planner (wink wink), but here are a few tips for constructing the perfect timeline for your day:


1.  ALWAYS start with your DJ, photographer and/or venue’s recommendations for timelines.  They are the experts and you hired each of them because of their ability to do their job so let them guide you on what they do and how much time they need to do it, they are essentially running your event so they have to feel comfortable with the flow & timing. Keep in mind they are also on a time crunch and there are many non-negotiable events they have to complete in a set amount of time.  The photographers are working with sunset times and your list of “must-have” photographs.  A DJ has to make sure all dances are done, important songs played & cake cut.  


2.  Start from the beginning, if the wedding festivities begin with manicures on Thursday then start there.  This will allow you to see the bigger picture, also make sure you allow a little extra time (but not too much time) for each activity.  


3.  Make sure each of the vendors involved in your Big Day has a copy of your timeline about a week out so they have time to review it and get back to you with any questions.


4.  The night before your wedding, if you do not have a coordinator/planner it is best to hand off your timeline.  Once your wedding day begins you don’t want to stress out and there is no need to have the timeline with you. Designate a close friend or family member (NOT your parents or in-laws OR anyone in the Bridal Party) to watch over things.  


5.  Are you still overwhelmed at the thought of doing your wedding timeline?  It can be a difficult task which is why so many people turn to a Wedding Planner!  Making sure everyone is where they need to be, ensuring setup is correct, all the while keeping everything on time can be a major headache!  A wedding planner is one of the greatest investments you can make for your wedding, you spent so much time planning your wedding now don’t you want to enjoy it?


Trust us if you take the time to create a wedding timeline for yourself, your bridal party & vendors you will not be sorry, in fact when you look back you will view it as one of the smartest decisions you ever made….obviously after saying “I do”!


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