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4 Things to Consider When Picking the Right Hairstyle for Your Wedding Day

August 16, 2017


Every decision you make for your wedding can seem like it’s the end all be all of your special day…at least that’s how I felt. Although I ended up having a smaller wedding, my hairstyle was one of the most important things that had to be PERFECT, and I knew exactly what I wanted. However some brides find choosing their final style to be quite the task. Here are a few pointers to put you on the right path. 




This is probably one of the more obvious things you should consider but I actually have come across many brides that do not consider this. The main things to think about your dress is: How elaborate is the design? Is the neckline high or V-neck? Does the dress have an open back or have lace that comes higher? Are you wearing a veil for the ceremony? 


For most people I wouldn’t pair a half up style or a down style with a dress that has a low back. Just the same as I wouldn’t have an intricate up do for someone that has a very elaborately designed lace/jeweled dress. **Please note that I am by no means saying you cannot make these combinations… you certainly can but here is my thought on it. We all dream about the dress. Lets be honest, it’s in our nature and one of the most exciting parts of being a bride! Did you pick the dress with a low open back to have cascading hair? NO!  




Yes this one could seem weird but it makes sense! What is your venue like? Are you doing a super themed wedding, or something more traditional? Is your theme Rustic and Romantic, or 1840s Ballroom elegant? Is your DJ playing classical music, or are you going to dance the night away to something romantic by your favorite country star? Not everything needs to completely match on your wedding day but having something for your hair that flows and “fits the scene” so to speak is nice. I wouldn’t have a high tight bun for my country wedding rocking my cowgirl boots! Even doing the hairstyle you love but adding a hair accessory that pulls some aspect from the wedding is cool! I’ve had a few brides add accessories such as gold feathers for a “Great Gatsby” themed wedding but overall doing a loose bun for their hair! The little things do matter here. 




This one also might seem a little obvious and ties into the point about the venue! What season are you getting married in? What is your hair texture like? This especially is important for my June, July, August and September brides! Picking a style is a little more crucial for you gals. At least in the DMV area the weather is a little more difficult to predict and frankly it will affect your hair. Can we say humidity? If you have naturally super curly hair and chose to get married in the middle of July, my best advice is to just go with your natural hair texture.  With the weather, please also consider your venue. Is it springtime and a venue overlooking the beautiful Chesapeake Bay? Then try to remember that it’s windy by the water during those times, and tendrils or hair that’s down might fly all around. Not only making extra work for your photographer but ultimately making it harder for your hairdressers to guarantee your style. (side note: extensions are a great option for this scenario if you are only wanting hair that’s down or half up and it’s a windy day) Main thing to think about the season is functionality, and comfort. And if your worried about Maryland humidity, you can always come see me in the salon for a Brazilian Blowout! 




The main thing I tell each of my brides is to be realistic with themselves. Questions you should ask yourself: Will my hair color affect the way that certain details show? Do I have fine hair, should I use extensions (Pins-n-Brushes will place clip-in extensions for free on your wedding day). If I wear my hair down or partially down will I play with it and wish I put it up? Does my hair hold curl? When I look in pictures, does my hair naturally look flat; do I want some volume? 


Really take the time to get to know yourself while looking for a hairstyle. I’m not suggesting everyone sit in front of the mirror and pick yourself apart. I am a firm believer that all women are beautiful. Say positive things about yourself and make it fun! Pick out your favorite features on yourself and find hairstyles that would compliment them. Think of past experiences and pick out what you didn’t like. I always ask my brides to tell me what they don’t like because I don’t want to make them feel bad about themselves in any way! You all wouldn’t believe the amount of ladies that tell me they hate their ears or they have big foreheads and ask for styles that cover these areas up! 



So there you have it, some things to consider when choosing a style. I always recommend you having a trial (or a few) with your stylist. Pins-N-Brushes does offer discounts to those who want multiple trials! Personally, I only recommend one at a time so you can wear it a few hours and see how you feel and if you would like anything tweaked. Your hair is yet another part of your wedding day that will contribute to the memories that you are making on your forever special day!


To inquire with Carly from Pins-n-Brushes for your wedding day, click HERE

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