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Wedding Day Timeline for Videography

August 10, 2017

Thuis Studios is one of our featured videographers and today they're are lending us their expertise on wedding day timelines! Here's what they have to say:


"We believe your wedding dream should become a reality when your day arrives.  We know many of those beautiful and poignant moments of your day require a minimum amount of time to complete and capture.  Please know, creating a wedding day schedule is not about planning every second of your day, it's about timing the elements involved in making your day what it is...so you can relax knowing you’ve given yourself the time to savor every aspect and your professionals have the time to do the job for which you hired them. 



Hair+makeup - 2 hours:  We've never seen this part of the day finish earlier than scheduled, if anything, it often runs behind which then has a snowball effect on every other event prior to your Ceremony.  And in case you're wondering what we're doing during this time, we're covering part of the hair+makeup process as well as filming details, interactions and establishing shots.  We might fly the UAV (aka “drone”) for phenomenal aerial footage to use along with the aforementioned “B-roll” to intersperse between the main elements of your day.


Vow, Letter, or Card Writing and/or Gift Exchange - 30 minutes:  Do you wish to write and exchange letters, cards, or gifts, or perhaps write the vows you plan to speak to your beloved?  We schedule 15 minutes per person which may or may not occur simultaneously.  It gives you time to "write" your note, organically experience that sweet card from your soon-to-be spouse, and for us to film you from different angles.  It also provides opportunity for you to record your audio to underscore the scene where your sweetheart is reading your love letter.


Do you want a little nibble before you hop into your dress? 5 or 15 or even 30 minutes, it’s up to you.  Let’s just make sure you you’re not trying to gobble down a sandwich as you’re putting on your dress!


Getting dressed and Video+Photo In-Suite Portraits - 30 to 60 minutes:  This really comes down to the complexity of your dress as well as what your photographer needs.  It includes you admiring your dress for the cameras (video+photo) and "getting decent" before we come back in for the zipping/buttoning and fluffing.  It includes putting on your accessories and taking a little time to "video portrait" (+ photograph) those accessories after they are on you.  Then your photographer takes over with any other portraits he/she would like to capture.  The same is true for the groom, but generally not as much time!


First Look - 20 minutes:  We and your photographer map out our positions and then you make that much anticipated walk!  You meet, you hug, you kiss, you chat.  You get the butterflies out before the Ceremony.  And then so it looks like you were the only two people at the First Look, we clear all the documenting professionals out of the way and have you walk again.



Post First-Look Couple and Wedding Party portraits - 1 to 1.5 hours:  It depends in great part what you've discussed with your photographer.  We need time while working in tandem with your photographer (not filming you getting your photos taken), as well as about 15 minutes of alone time with you.  Once we have what we need, we can skedaddle off to prepare for Ceremony and your photographer can have you all to him/herself.  If you include the UAV, add another 15 minutes to our time with you and/or your wedding party. Bonus!  Doing a First Look and accomplishing your portraits pre Ceremony frees you up to enjoy at least part of your cocktail hour to mingle with your guests.


Ceremony - 45 minutes before you walk down the aisle:  We need that time to set up multiple cameras, tripods, monopod, our slider, Ronin and the oh-so-important audio equipment.  We also use that time to capture details of your Ceremony space and your guests as they arrive (usually 30 minutes prior to your Ceremony).


Ceremony - 15 to 60 minutes:  Short and to the point, or longer if steeped in tradition that is special to you.


Family Formals - 30 to 60 minutes: We use this time to move our equipment from your Ceremony space to the Reception site.  We prepare for your Introduction, setting up cameras, lights and audio.  We also capture the details of your Reception space.  How much time you spend in Family Formals depends upon how many groupings you wish your photographer to capture, how efficient the lineup is, and ensuring people involved don't wander off and have to be tracked down.


Reception - 4+ hours: Once you've been introduced, arrange the rest of the evening in any manner you wish.  Dances, Speeches, entertainment, traditions...it's up to you what you want and when you want it (as long as we have a 40-min break during dinner service...which will be the first time we will be able to relax, and likely grab a bite, since we started the day.  You, too, should really take the time to sit and have your meal.  We see so many couples walk the tables and leave their dinners untouched).


Golden Hour.  It’s not really an hour and the amount of time available varies throughout the year:  It offers the prettiest light of the day.  If you want to have video+photos done, find out where this falls before you plan your Reception activities.


Travel:  If you have multiple locations, remember for every change we have to load in, travel, find parking, load out and set up equipment. We also give our best guess to preclude any unforeseen traffic issues.  So our formula for travel is 15 minutes (load out) + actual travel time + 15 minutes (traffic buffer), + X minutes (for parking...if it's a public space with limited and unknown parking), + 15 minutes to unload.  You can see the more locations you have, the more time that must be factored into the schedule.

We hope you find this information insightful."


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