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Thoughts For Parents During Wedding Ceremony

July 27, 2017

Renee Carroll from XOXO Ceremonies gives us some advice on how to better incorporate parents into your ceremony.....



It's the small things during a ceremony that can make a big difference. Being an officiant it's important to include everyone especially the  parents. Mom and Dad, have been the number one love and influence in your life. Your wedding day, they are passing their child to their new and different number one. It is a different kind of love. A love that they helped guide and support in who you are today. Why not acknowledge that for both set of parents during the ceremony. Especially the grooms parents, they sometimes are unnoticed during the ceremony. Let's be honest if it wasn't for them the groom wouldn't be standing up there waiting for his bride. After the bride is given away and the couple comes up front. I start to acknowledge the need of support and guidance from everyone, especially from their parents. I then ask "With this in mind I ask the parents of Groom and Bride to please stand, as representatives of your family: will you accept a new son or daughter into your family and into your hearts?" (We will)



The other little thing that can make a huge difference for the parents, is where they are sitting. Sometimes they are so close to the front that they are looking in the back of their childs head. During these ceremonies I ask for the parents to sit on the opposite side of their child. This allows them to see their expressions from the beginning to the end of the ceremony.


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