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Annapolis Waterfront Engagement

July 2, 2017

From the photographers Susie & Becky "Jason and Jenn were SO GOOD at this modeling thing, just about every photo from this session is Instagram-worthy!! If Susie and I are both shooting, we usually deliver a little over 100 photos from an engagement. When the number gets too much higher, we assume maybe we just weren’t careful about spotting flaws in the photos and go back to see if we should cut down some more. Well, we have almost 175 to deliver to Jason and Jenn and I love every single one!! Of course, they were so great in front of our camera because they have such a natural and beautiful relationship. After meeting in a University of Maryland dorm room on one of the very first days of freshman year and surviving years of making their relationship work long distance, these two have been through so much, and know one another so completely, that are at home when they are together. A huge part of their relationship is working out together, as Jason is a triathlete and Jenn is a distance runner. Jason’s facebook feed is full of their matching medals (or pie prize, for some race in Frederick?!)! After supporting one another through so many goals and accomplishments, and all the struggles of growing through those years of early adulthood, Jason and Jenn are more than ready to get married."




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